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Artist, Creative Director, Curator



manifesting your creative vision... discovering your true message... expanding your audience... building your legacy... all in one, new world...

We are a network of creators, curators and creative developers.


We provide creative strategy for both large companies and individual entrepreneurs excited to translate their brands and businesses to the next era of commerce in Web3. 


With our unique blend of immersive events and multi-media productions, we create experiences that cultivate community-building in an emerging market. 


We offer a highly customized formula for reaching new audiences and onboarding existing audiences in adoption of new technology, to ensure competitive advantage in a rapidly expanding digital marketplace. 


Through unique international partnerships, we have coordinated metaverse debuts for prolific artists (such as musicial acts, Artz ft. Ari Lennox & documentary director, Deborah Anderson) and created original content for breakthrough platforms (Zora, Accra Art Week). 


With a front row seat to the exponential growth of Web3, we have discovered a distinct need for the creative development necessary to empower creators and businesses while they navigate the unfamiliar terrain of their entrepreneurial evolution. 


Two decades of experience as a Creative Director for Film/TV and Vice President of a leading hedge fund, in addition to a spectrum of successful projects in music, arts & entertainment, have provided us with the expertise required to lead our clients in powerful campaigns, innovative marketing strategies and breakthrough branding success. 


We look forward to collaborating with partners who value integrity and innovation in their pursuit to leverage the lucrative opportunity of Web3. 

"My mixed culture heritage made me love/hate America, watching those "othered" by society struggle to make it. Like my nomadic Pacific Islander ancestors, I've spent my life traveling; through art studios, galleries, festivals, vast stretches of beach and desert, collaborating, creating, leading workshops, hosting events, curating exhibitions... Bridging my global communities was tough at first, but in the past 2 years everything's changed. Bumping into NFTs was the next level. Entering the metaverse was a whole new world! To realize that we can all meet up somewhere beyond social media, do business as independent creatives and simultaneously share powerful tools to stay sane and thrive during these strange times has inspired me to do anything possible to bring some of the rejuvenating and transformative experiences I've had to the rest of the world - through intentional spaces to share and collaborate with immersive healing technology like VR." 

Artist, Producer, Curator

"It’s funny how much bigger the world gets when you get out of your own head. Stepping out I’ve learned a lot of lessons, the most important being that I still have so many more to learn. And nothing can be learned from believing that your perspective is the only right one, especially if that perspective has even a hint of pessimism or cynicism. That’s a self-defeating exercise that too many of us have become resigned to call life. With respect to Keyser Söze, I disagree. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled is convincing the world that we aren’t in control of our lives, and that our “predictable” future is determined by our unchanging past and our numbed, distracted present. That we don’t have the ability at any given moment, this moment even, to create our own future. 

Well, we’ll see about that."


VR Goggles


a diverse curation of creators featured in our New World Nomads event series in partnership

with NFT Oasis

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