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The Founders

Founded in 2021 by Segnon Tiewul and Tihane Mujić, New World Nomads (NWN) stands as a testament to the dynamic fusion of corporate acumen and creative mastery.


With Segnon's 17 years in corporate leadership (VP at D.E. Shaw and Co.) and Tihane's 10+ years as a freelance Creative Director in the Arts & Entertainment industry (NYFW, RedBull, TEDx) their diverse backgrounds converge to offer unique strategic insights, where innovation and creativity converge for unparalleled success.


As an African American male and a Pacific Islander American woman, they bring a rich tapestry of experiences that transcend traditional boundaries, providing brands and businesses with a competitive edge in our ever-evolving landscape. 

The Mission

Unlocking New Dimensions of Creative Innovation


At New World Nomads, we specialise in actualising vision, expanding audience engagement and building brand legacy, all within the exciting realms of emerging technology and innovation.

As a network of creators, curators, and creative developers, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to both large companies and individual entrepreneurs eager to propel their brands and businesses into the next era of commerce. Our expertise lies in crafting creative strategies that resonate with contemporary audiences while staying ahead of the curve in emerging trends.





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groundbreaking globally interactive mixed media extravaganza that blurs the lines between technology, art, and human connection. Delve into the heart of a mind-bending narrative as a one-woman show unfolds, weaving together elements of theatre, music, dance, film, and visual art.


As you watch, you're invited to actively participate in the creation of a mesmerizing visual art tapestry. Scan QR codes, answer thought-provoking questions, and witness your responses transformed into imagery in real-time. This collaborative process serves as a powerful metaphor, illustrating the profound impact each individual has on shaping the fabric of our reality.

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The Podcast

VR Goggles


a diverse curation of creators featured by New World Nomads

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