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We curate audio visual immersion experience, curating DJ sets, media screenings, creative meditations and guest Q&A sessions in an intimate atmosphere, New World Nomads is a mixed-media exhibition series, featuring international artists, musicians & filmmakers amplifying multi-cultural collaborations, creative conversation and conscious creativity. 

Each month highlights a uniquely diverse selection of creators who embody courage, purpose and vision

for exploring the new world of NFTs and all things metaverse. 


Each month, we share a new selection of musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, designers and creators of all kinds who are pioneering new worlds of sound, sight and soul. It's important to us that we amplify artists who are diverse, courageous, conscious creatives, bringing unique flavors and perspectives from all over the world. 




Ghanaian artist ENAM and Polynesian Croatian artist TIHANE collaborated on a private event series called, ENDINGS & BEGINNINGS, recorded LIVE in Accra, Ghana. With the intention to share their cultures, the two artists conceptualized a collaboration set with live music, dance and storytelling to bring their worlds together. Each year, New World Nomads will curate creative collaborations for ENDINGS & BEGINNINGS and hold live private shows in Accra, Ghana December - January. To submit as an artist or nominate someone you know to be paired with another artist for this series, reach out via DM here:


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